Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Drug Delivery

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Burns and scalps

A burn is an injury caused by:

a. Dry heat, such as fire, a piece of hot metal or the sun.
b. Contact with any object charged with a high tension electric current; or by lightning.
c. Friction, for example, by contact with a revolving wheel (brush burn) or fast-moving rope or wire.
d. Corrosive chemicals:
(i) Acids, such as sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric.
(ii) Alkalis, such as caustic soda, caustic potash, strong ammonia or quicklime.

A scald is an injury caused by moist heat, such as boiling water, steam, improperly applied poultice, hot oil or tar. The effects of a burn or scald are the same. There may be reddening of the skin or blister formation or destruction of the skin or deeper tissues. Pain is very severe in second degree burns.

Degree of Burns
First degree burns: There is only reddening of skin without damage to deeper tissues.
Second degree burns: Second degree burns often result in vesication and exposure of nerve endings and are most painful in nature.
Third degree burns: Here even the nerves are burned off. These burns are not painful, but life threatening as they inevitably cause shock.

The dangers of a burn increase with its surface area (even if it is only superficial) and if one-third or more of skin area is involved, the condition of the patient can be described as critical. In small children and especially in infants, even small burns should be regarded as serious injuries and medical aid sought without delay.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Smoking is by far the leading cause of lung cancer. Cancer develops when some event, such as smoking, damages the genetic code of normal cells and dismantles the body's natural defense against cancer. One reason why lung cancer is so deadly is that it can hide for years without symptoms. By the time it is discovered, it may have already spread to the brain, liver, bones or other organs. But lung cancer isn't the only cancer caused by smoking. Researchers have also linked smoking to cancers of the mouth, throat, pancreas, blood, cervix, kidney and bladder, and it is a major cause of emphysema, chronic bronchitis, stroke and heart disease.

Researchers separate smoking into two phases, a gas phase and a solid phase. Oxidants, including free radicals produced by cigarette smoke, can damage the genetic code. Studies suggest that they alter DNA, protein and lipids (fats). The damage to DNA may be irreparable, leading to the development of cancer. Mutated

cells reproduce rapidly, forming clumps of cells (tumors) that continue to grow and spread. It is difficult to stop smoking because tobacco smokers eventually become addicted to nicotine. Researchers have found that the physiology of the nicotine-addicted brain is similar to that of the cocaine- and heroin-addicted brain.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heel pain

Heel pain is the most common complaint. Some of the causes are arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis. Also exercising too hard, wearing the wrong type of shoes, or probably standing too long on your feet, can cause foot pain. Though the pain can be cured easily at home, you should consult the doctor if there are other symptoms like tingling, numbness, leg cramps, or fever.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Shock is a condition of severe depression of the vital functions. It is associated with changes in the circulatory system, varying from temporary weakness to complete failure. Its severity varies with the nature and extent of the injury and it is a common cause of death following severe injuries.
Shock may develop at once or its onset may be delayed. Loss of whole blood or plasma from the circulation is the most important cause of shock. The severity of shock depends on the amount and rapidity of bleeding. A badly shocked victim will look pale, bluish, cold and sweaty and will also be mentally slow.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Workout tips

The best workout, according to top trainers and fitness experts, is one that includes the mind and spirit as well as the body. Consider some alternatives to your regular weight and cardio training. For a change of pace, try yoga, Pilates or tai chi, all of which engage your mind, body and spirit. Include these alternative mind/body disciplines on a regular basis. Add them to your workout regime and feel the difference.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eye strain while using computers

If you spend most of your weekday sitting in front of a video display terminal, you've probably noticed that using a computer can be a pain in the neck, the eyes and almost every other part of your body!

It's no wonder computers cause eye strain. Studies have shown that computer users tend to stare at a glowing screen without blinking for much longer periods than do people who use typewriters. This is why many people using computers experience dry eye problems. In addition, computer screens reflect a great deal of glare - from windows, overhead lights and even the user's own bright clothing. Finally, many computer users sit practically face-to-face with the monitor.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sore Throat

A sore throat can really get you down, so here are a few things you can use to take away the suffering.

Vinegar can ease the pain. Any type will do but wine vinegar or cider vinegar may taste better. Put a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water. Gargle, then swallow. Do this 3 times a day until things are on the mend.

Put some warm water in a glass and mix with some salt. Put in your mouth and gargle and spit out. Don't swallow. This should get rid of the soreness.

Take a few almonds and mix them with a couple of teaspoons of honey. Sit down and eat away. This will give the pain of a sore throat nothing to moan about. Honey is a natural pain killer, so are almonds. The almonds will also help to relieve the inflammation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blister Care

Small, intact blisters that don’t cause discomfort usually need no treatment. Nature’s best protection against infection is a blister’s own skin, or roof. To protect the roof, this type of blister can be covered with a small adhesive bandage if practical.

Larger or painful blisters that are intact should be drained without removing the roof. First clean the blister with rubbing alcohol or antibiotic soap and water. Then heat a straight pin or safety pin over a flame until the pin glows red, and allow it to cool before puncturing a small hole at the edge of the blister.

Drain the fluid with gentle pressure, then apply an antibiotic ointment such as bacitracin with polymyxin B (double antibiotic ointment) or bacitracin alone. Avoid ointments that contain neomycin because they are more likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Finally, cover the blister with a bandage. Change the dressing daily--more frequently if it becomes wet, soiled, or loose.

Blisters with small tears are treated the same as those that you have punctured. Blisters with larger tears should be "unroofed" carefully with fine scissors, and the base should be cleansed thoroughly with soap and water or an antibacterial cleanser. Apply antibiotic ointment and bandages as described above.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Blisters form when the skin rubs against another surface, causing friction. First, a tear occurs within the upper layers of the skin, forming a space between the layers while leaving the surface intact. Then fluid seeps into the space.

Soles and palms are most commonly affected for several reasons. The hands and feet often rub against shoes, skates, rackets, or other equipment. Blister formation usually requires thick and rather immobile epidermis, as is found in these areas. In addition, blisters form more easily on moist skin than on dry or soaked skin, and warm conditions assist blister formation.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Keep'em tracing

Have you ever thought that your company’s vehicles are being misused? Don’t you know what to do with your driver? Or ever wondered how to make a track of your vehicle.I have observed how people get restless when their car driver is not available and they don't know where he would be. At times your drivers disappear from your visibility. This is smaller thing compared to what kind of worries fleet owners have. Specially when your customers need to know where their delivery is - as tracking becomes more important in this business. And it again gets the priority depending on what is being delivered.

These days GPS services are getting pretty cheap and when combined with online tracking functionalities they can be extremely powerful. When GPS systems first started to come out, they typically requires long-term contracts. The technology has gotten cheaper and the systems to manage that technology have also been simplified and scaled out. You shouldn't have to get a GPS system shackled to a long-term contract. You should not have to get a GPS system that requires you to maintain a large number of GPS tracking units even when the size of your fleet varies over time moving up and down.

With that said we would like to check out GPSInsight vehicle tracking system, an online company that provides a relatively cheap and very powerful system for tracking fleet vehicles.

GPSInsight's service helps you to identify what your drivers are doing. You can figure out where they're going, if they're staying on Route, you can even determine if they are exceeding the speed limit for driving dangerously or taking the most efficient path to their destination! It's very important to know what your drivers are doing with your vehicles.

GPSInsight sets up a GPS tracking system for your fleet of vehicles within few days, not long period like in past.

You can take a look at a number of online tutorials at GPSInsight where you can see just how powerful their systems are and all of the advantages that you can manage with the online systems that support the actual devices in your vehicles. They only charge a couple dollars per unit and that means you don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per vehicle to buy the equipment and hundreds more to install it. The installations are fast and quick and very cheap to get the system up and running. Also dont miss the company's blog - Blog for GPS vehicle tracking

GPSInsight provide excellent support systems through GPS Insight support wiki for customers and they are constantly evolving their online tools such that you'll receive new product services on a regular basis. It’s good for seasonal needs as well, as your fleet gets ramped up or ramped down as the business goes in the time of the year. As you need not to go for long term contract, GPSInsight's flexibility will help you save lot of money.

Riise's Mistake

No one ever thought that John Arne Riise would score a dramatic own goal in stoppage time as Chelsea managed to make a 1-1 draw with Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final. In the beginning it was Dirk Kuyt, who thought that he had given his troops a 1-0 first-leg lead to take back to Stamford Bridge, having slotted from close range on 43 minutes at Anfield. His goal came after Frank Lampard dithered in defence and was robbed of possession, allowing Javier Mascherano's mis-hit shot to loop into the path of Kuyt, who kept his cool to beat Petr Cech.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Soccer: Need a final chance - Messi

Barcelona star Lionel Messi says he is determined to win the Champions League this season after missing out on Barca's last final in 2006. Messi had to watch from the stands as his team-mates won their second European Cup two years ago in Paris due to injury. The Argentina forward has not had a great deal of luck with injuries when it comes to Europe's elite competition, as this season too he was ruled out for over a month after suffering a hamstring injury against Celtic at the last-16 stage. Now he is back to full fitness the 20-year-old wants his side to repeat their Paris heroics with him on the pitch.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Your search for CNA school ends here.

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Gotta Stop Ronaldo - Albert Ferrer

Albert Ferrer believes his former club Barcelona must stifle Cristiano Ronaldo if the Catalans are to prevail when they meet Manchester United in the Champions League semi-finals later this month. 
Ronaldo is the leading scorer in the European club competition this season with seven goals so far. 
And in his column in Catalan sports daily El Mundo Deportivo on Friday, Ferrer conceded that stopping the Portugal winger is easier said than done. Ferrer also added that Barcelona must try to push Ronaldo and Nani back into more defensive positions. Ferrer is also impressed with Ferguson's array of options in midfield. Despite praising United's attacking attributes, Ferrer identified the right-back position as a potential problem for the Red Devils. Ferrer, himself a right-back with the Catalan outfit and later Chelsea, believes United have few other noticeable weaknesses at the back.

3GB community

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Man U clinches a win

Manchester United defeated Arsenal here at Old trafford on saturday. The game was dominated by the Reds right from the start. But Adebeyor managed to score the first goal of the match to give the visitors a surprise lead. Then Cristiano Ronaldo netted a penalty which was awarded to Man U as Gallas handled the ball inside the penalty area. Then Owen Hagreves scored the second goal of the match and that sealed the victory for the Manchester United.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gagner de l'argent

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Barca must stop Ronaldo

Albert Ferrer believes his former club Barcelona must stifle Cristiano Ronaldo if the Catalans are to prevail when they meet Manchester United in the Champions League semi-finals later this month. Ronaldo is the leading scorer in the European club competition this season with seven goals so far. And in his column in Catalan sports daily El Mundo Deportivo on Friday, Ferrer conceded that stopping the Portugal winger is easier said than done.

Ferrer also added that Barcelona must try to push Ronaldo and Nani back into more defensive positions. Despite praising United's attacking attributes, Ferrer identified the right-back position as a potential problem for the Red Devils. Ferrer, himself a right-back with the Catalan outfit and later Chelsea, believes United have few other noticeable weaknesses at the back.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Being an X ray Technician

There are lots of choices to be made in the field of medical career. One of them is becoming a x-ray technician. By saying x ray technician am not directing you towards some technical course that deals with machines and technology. You could do the service to people and shine in your medical career and continue growing your passion towards the medical field just by becoming a x ray technician. Just visit to get more details on this course.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Liverpool makes way into semi-finals!

"Torres Does it again"
"Gerrard scores in four successive home European matches"

Liverpool paved their way into their third Champions League semifinals in four years after a stunning triumph over Arsenal at Anfield. It was the last seven minutes where Liverpool gave the twist to Arsenal. Steven Gerrard became the first Liverpool player in history to score in four successive home European matches to send his side ahead again from the penalty spot, before Ryan Babel's breakaway goal sealed a victory which sets up another semi-final clash with Chelsea.

Live TV

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Football: Tom Hicks returns to States

Tom Hicks, Co-Owner Liverpool FC will fly back to Texas tonight as the Anfield men bid to reach the Champions League semi-finals. Hicks spent much of last week in London, it is believed trying to raise funds in his ongoing battle for control of Liverpool with fellow owner George Gillett. The American was at the Emirates Stadium last Wednesday to see the quarter-final first leg against Arsenal, and was again in the directors' box there on Saturday to witness the league clash between the clubs. But Hicks has since flown home to Dallas to watch the opening match of his Texas Rangers baseball team's new season. He will again be represented at Anfield tonight for the quarter-final second leg by his son Tom Jnr.

The last time Tom Jnr attended a match at Anfield was for the Middlesbrough game on February 23, when he went for a drink afterwards at the Sandon pub near the ground to meet fans. It was reported that he was spat at, had beer thrown at him and needed to be rescued by minders. Security at Anfield is expected to be tight tonight and it is unlikely that Hicks' son will try anything similar this time. Hicks senior said in the Dallas Morning News of his decision to watch his baseball team: "Opening day in baseball is like a national holiday.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pharmacy Technician training

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Superstars make way for the Heroes

The defending champions Chennai superstars will be losing their title this time. They lost a match to the Hyderabad heroes by a small margin of four runs. It’s indeed a small margin, isn’t it? The Hyderabad had won the toss and had elected to bat first, which made them to make a total of 147 for six. The only man who stood ack in the Chennai team was Hemang Badani with a half century.

Debt Consolidation

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Culinary schools

For those who are looking out for a great culinary school to get in, this blog is for you people. No, am not the one to guide you through the process. It’s this site, that’s gonna help you out. It has a list of some cool culinary schools. You could choose any one of the chef school based upon your criteria like location, career, theme etc.

Barca holds the edge

Barcelona took a significant step towards the semi-finals of the Champions League with a hard-fought win over Schalke in Gelsenkirchen. Bojan Krkic scored the only goal of the game in the 12th minute, earning Frank Rijkaard's side an important away goal on top of the slender lead they take into the second leg. Schalke were outplayed in the first half before coming to life in the second, but they were unable to find a goal, leaving them with a mountain to climb at the Nou Camp next week.

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Sachin replaced by Kaif

The shocking news came out this morning from the world of cricket. Sachin Tendulkar aggrevated his groin injury, which he developed during the tour down under. So he will not play the second test match against South Africa which begins on 3rd April. He is replaced by none other than Mohammed Kaif. He is a surprise candidate, as there are many players like Yuvi, Gambhir and Karthick waiting in the ranks. Hope India does well in test series without Sachin.

Boat Angel

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Arsenal slips to Third spot

Arsenal won their BPL fixture against Bolton 3 - 2 but they slipped to third spot after Chelsea's 1 - 0 victory over Middlesbrough. Arsenal came from 0 - 2 down in the second half to beat Bolton 3 - 2. Arsenal were down to ten men during the initial part of first half. But in the second half, they began to dominate the game after Gallas goal from Cesc corner. Robin Van Persie scored from the spot to make it 2 - 2 and finally Cesc flicked a ball towards the post which was further given direction by Samuel.

Rebound relationship

Hi guys. Love can happen to any one. In the similar means, break ups can happen to any one at any time. The reason for the break up might be silly but the impact which it leaves on a person is huge and it takes ages to get out of a bad break up. Most of the people will ponder the reason and will try to restore the relationship but some will opt for rebound relationship.

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Arsenal and Liverppol

It will be a tough fight for Arsenal. They have to face Liverpool three times in a row, starting from this Wednesday. They have Champions League encounter this Tuesday, after which they have to face them in BPL match at Emirates stadium. The final leg will be held on next Tuesday on Anfield. This will decide the course of both Champions league and the BPL for both these teams. It is important that Arsenal maintains their winning streak and qualifies to the next round of CL.

I Really Miss you

Hello my loving friends. This lovely world has a lot of things that are attractive. But when you are attracted by a girl, then the other things in the world will become less important. The most beautiful thing in your love is to express your feelings to her. This is the most difficult part to do. It takes a lot to say, ‘Miss you’. You can’t just go out and say that to a girl. It needs lot of planning and proper choice of words!!

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Formula One: Indy chief hints at F1 return

Tony George is trying to mend the means by talking to several sponsors in a bid to get back the US grand Prix reinstated on the F1 calendar for the next year. This has been the first time since 2000 in which a US GP was not conducted. This is mainly due to the fact that its owner George failed to agree terms and conditions on a new deal with Bernie. However, George feels that attracting sponsors might do some good, as he can sit and talk with Bernie.

Poker Strategy

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Pak Squad Announced

Fast bowler Umar Gul was on Sunday included in the Pakistan squad for the one-day international series against Bangladesh. Gul has been out of action for four months with a back injury but returns for the first two games of the five-match contest, which was scheduled after Australia pulled out of a tour of Pakistan over security concerns. "The squad is for the first two matches and as the series progresses we will consider those players who are doing well in the domestic cricket," said Pakistan's chief selector Salahuddin Ahmed. 

The Pakistan squad is: S Malik (captain), S Butt, N Jamshed, Y Khan, M Yousuf, Misbah-ul-Haq, S Afridi, K Akmal, U Gul, S Tanvir, R Iftikhar, S Khan, W Riaz, F Alam, B Khan, S Ahmed.

Insurance Portal

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Fenerbahce vs Chelsea: Anelka warns of Fener frenzy

Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka has warned his team-mates to prepare for a "crazy" atmosphere when they take on Fenerbahce in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final next week. Anelka spent 18 months with Fenerbahce between January 2005 and the summer of 2006. His Istanbul experience made a big impact on him and the France hitman cannot wait to go back as a member of Avram Grant's Chelsea side. The atmosphere inside the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium is something special, according to the Chelsea striker. There is a hunger to put Fenerbahce on the map in European competition and Anelka says the atmosphere will be hectic. Didier Drogba's return to the starting line-up has pushed Anelka back on to the bench but the former Bolton striker insists he is just happy to help the team out in whatever role he is given.

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Roma vs Man United: Totti a doubt for hosts

Roma skipper Francesco Totti is a major doubt for the first leg of his side's Champions League quarter-final clash against Manchester United, his club confirmed Sunday. The talismanic striker, who scored the equaliser with a stunning free-kick in Saturday's 1-1 draw at Cagliari, suffered a thigh injury during the game and is not expected to recover in time for Tuesday's tie.

Roma coach Luciano Spalletti was forced to play Totti at Cagliari despite the striker struggling with a right knee injury as midfielders Daniele De Rossi and Simone Perrotta and forward Mirko Vucinic were all serving one-match bans.Totti is the Giallorossi's top scorer with 14 goals this season.

Auto Loan

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IPL: Malinga a doubt for Mumbai Indians

Sri Lanka paceman Lasith Malinga has admitted he is struggling to be fit for the start of the Indian Premier League, which gets under way next month. Malinga has been troubled by a niggling knee problem which has kept him out of Sri Lanka's ongoing tour of West Indies. The 24-year-old was signed by Mumbai Indians at the IPL players' auction in February but has now revealed he may not be fit in time for the start of the tournament. "I've had this injury in Australia and played with it," Malinga explained. "However as it got worse I couldn't tour the West Indies too."I would have loved to be with the team and enjoy its success. I am still under treatment and working hard. "It is tough at this stage to be sure about IPL, but I am very hopeful I can make it." Mumbai Indians open their IPL campaign against Bangalore Royal Challengers on April 20.


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Thuram warns of german threat

Barcelona defender Lilian Thuram has warned his team-mates not to think they have got off lightly by drawing German side Schalke in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. In being paired with Schalke, who are making their debuts at this stage of the Champions League, and avoiding the powerful English quartet of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United, many will feel Barca have done very well out of Friday`s draw in Nyon. However, France international Thuram insists they cannot be complacent against a Schalke side who were Bundesliga runners-up last season and are currently fifth this campaign. "It is dangerous to think that they are not a strong opponent," said Thuram. "They have experienced players and we will need to prove we are better than them on the pitch."We must go out focused to be able to get through the tie. If Schalke have got this far it is because they deserve it."

Car Insurance rates

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IPL: Event difficult for England players - Sidebottom

Seamer Ryan Sidebottom believes the lucrative Indian Premier League has created”difficult situation” for England’s top stars. The Twenty20 competition starts next month with many of the world's best players involved. However, representation from county cricket is small with Dimitri Mascarenhas, an England one-day international player, the most high-profile name involved. England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Giles Clarke has previously stated he has "no interest" in players taking part but Sidebottom admitted there had been some discussion among the squad during their recent tour to New Zealand.
Sidebottom was England's man of the Test series against New Zealand after taking 24 wickets in three matches. But even though his return to international cricket, having made his debut in 2001, has been a success the Nottinghamshire left-armer said he still feels under scrutiny every time he plays.

Credit Card Reviews

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Fergie focussedon europe

In the wake of his side's 4-0 hammering of Aston Villa on Saturday, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes Roma could be distracted by thoughts of a possible Serie A title as they prepare to meet in the Champions League. Internazionale have looked clear favourites for much of the season but the situation has changed in recent weeks. That's why Ferguson feels Roma might put all their resources into the domestic campaign rather than the European one. "That could help us," he said ahead of the quarter-final first leg game in Italy on Tuesday.
Roma may have knocked out Real Madrid in the last round but United are probably the last team they want to face in the competition. The sides met in the group stages this season with Ferguson's men taking four points from the two games. Memorably United hammered their opponents 7-1 at Old Trafford last year. Ferguson finds it hard to believe they will have faced Roma six times in a year when the tie is completed next month. While Ferguson will be without midfielder Darren Fletcher for six weeks because of knee damage, he has been encouraged by the return to form of Paul Scholes. The former England star missed three months earlier in the season through injury and has been striving to hit top form. But his display in the 3-0 win over Liverpool drew plaudits from Ferguson.

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Proteas settled with a draw

Neil McKenzie finished unbeaten on 155 as the first Test between India and South Africa finished in a tame draw on Sunday. McKenzie anchored the Proteas' second innings of 331 for five as the tourists batted through the final day to ensure they go into Thursday's second Test all square. India needed quick wickets if they were to force a result but some sloppy fielding in the morning session ensured that possibility did not materialise. Hashim Amla, who went on to make 81, was twice dropped before lunch, once by Sreesanth and once by RP Singh. Those slips, combined with McKenzie's determination to occupy the crease, set the tone for the day.
Amla's luck finally ran out shortly before the first interval when he edged an Anil Kumble delivery to Rahul Dravid at first slip. McKenzie reached his fourth Test ton in an afternoon session which also saw two South Africa wickets fall. The first was that of Jacques Kallis, who made 19 before departing to a wonderful catch by RP Singh at square leg off the bowling of Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan claimed his third wicket of the innings two overs later, Ashwell Prince (five) lunging forward only to see the ball clip the glove on its way to Wasim Jaffer at short leg.

Friday, March 28, 2008

TV Wall Mounting

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Sehwag Sizzles

The third day of the first test match between India and South Africa belonged to one man, 'Viru'. This guy has hit 309 runs and he is still in the crease. At the end of the day, Indians were just 72 runs behind. India ended 468 for 1. Jaffer was the only guy who was dismissed by Harris at 73. Dravid was also at the crease with a well crafted 65 runs. Sehwag punished each and every bowler and managed to score the fastest triple century. He reached the 300 mark in just 278 balls. He also made several records like highest runs at home, only the third batsmen to score two 300s.

Promotional codes

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Football at its best

I returned to the squad as a goal keeper. I was a bit nervous and initially, I was not offering any saves to the well struck balls. But as the game progressed, i gained a lot of confidence. I started saving some shots and then i managed to get a fantastic save off a free kick. That improved my confidence and took it to a higher level. That match went down the wire but unfortunately we lost the match yesterday.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hansult Law

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Our Project Review

The final review of our project was conducted today as per the schedule. I got tensed and took a while to settle down. Our batch mate Viju explained the project in a nice manner. The panel members were impressed by our presentation and also wondered how we were able to manage that much amount of variables and datas. We are now awaiting the final project viva on April 16th. Let's hope it goes well so that we can clear this UG course without any final hurdles.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

digxa - Shop comparison

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Chennai Test Day - 1

South Africans won the toss and elected to bat first against India in the first test of the three match test series which began on Chennai in 26th of March. The pitch looked like a perfect batting track. There was nothing for the seamers in the first session of play. South Africa managed to bat out the opening session without loss of any wicket. They were 132 for no loss at the lunch. The bowlers were hit all over the ground. The entire session belonged to SA.

Jerry's Paint ball

Hello friends. This post is about an entirely different ball game. This is about ‘Paint Ball’. Most of you will be aware of this game but for those who are not here is a brief intro about the game. You have to hit your opponents with a liquid filled paintball. When you do that correctly, then they will get paint marks on their body which means that they are eliminated. All you require is Paintball, guns like Spyder RSX and a few of your friends. This game will keep you occupied until only one remains. You can also do it in a different way, by setting objectives like to retrieve a flag or to reach a destination, etc.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lost and Found

I have mentioned that our old football was lost and Ruud has got us a new ball for our team. Fortunately, the old ball was also found in the garden of one of our team member. He has also brought that ball to today's match. But we continued to play using the new ball. It was lighter and easier to curl. The ball also gave predictable movements in the air which was very much helpful for the goal keepers.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mobile Shoppy

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Doubtful starter

The series opener in Chennai between India and South Africa has become doubtful after heavy showers which continued to lash the city today morning. There was a bit of sun shine during the later part of the day. But I am not sure, will it be enough for the outfield and other things to dry up. If rain continues tomorrow, then there is a possibility of entire test match being washed away due to rain.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Online Gaming Sites Review

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Arsenal loses to Chelsea

Arsenal's title dreams were shattered here at Stamford Bridge by Dider Drogba. He scored a brace as Arsenal lost 1 - 2 to Chelsea. Chelsea and Arsenal have equal points in the BPL table but Arsenal is in the second spot due to the goal difference. Manchester United are 8 points clear of both the teams and are looking to run away with the title, as only a few games a left. They beat Liverpool 3 - 0. Liverpool's sorry run continued this weekend too.

Web Hosting company

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F1 Racing

I am watching the Malaysian Grand Prix. My favorite is Lewis Hamilton but currently he is not leading the pack. He is way behind in seventh position behind Mark Webber. This is due to the pit stop tragedy. There were some problems while replacing one of the front wheels of his car. The wheel chassis has come out and it took 20 seconds for the first pit stop. Fellipe Massa went out of the track in a turn which saw him lose control. Currently Kimi is leading the race. He is closely followed by Rubeca and Kovalenin.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bad Credit offers for you

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My Last Week of College Life

It is a grim reality that my college life is going to end. This will be my last week in the college. After completion of the exams, I am no longer a student. I have to move on in my life. This is really painful to think that I am going miss my friends. But it has to happen. There is no other go. I have to accept certain facts of life and get going. The memories of my college life will be etched in my mind. I will definitely enjoy the gap between the college and work with my friends. So that will serve as solace. But i will continue this blogging even after college.. C ya.

Senior's jobs search

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Project work

Our project, opportunity based scheduling, is going on well. It has almost reached its completion stage. We have implemented the algorithm mentioned in the paper.And after that we have also implemented two other algorithms namely weighted round robin, deficit round robin. These two algorithms can be obtained from the original algorithm by slight variation. We have finally compared the performance of all the three and have tried to find out the best one of the lot.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Musical instruments

Music is the most important thing in our life which rejuvenates us during the time of hardships and other tragedies. There is music associated with each and every walk of human life. In our country, we have traditional songs for every period of child’s growth. For a new born, we will sing songs to make the baby happy and sometimes to make it sleep too. We also incorporate lot of moral values using the songs, as it reaches to the masses pretty easily than any other thing. So for songs, not only voice is important but also some kind of musical instrument is necessary to produce good quality sound.

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Expecting the dream date!!

As an ardent fan of Arsenal, I am expecting the clash of titans at the Stamford bridge on Sunday. I believe Arsenal can equalize Manchester United in the points table by the end of this weekend's matches. If Arsenal secures a win and Man U loses the match. Then the title race will be up and running once again. But there is another possibility of Chelsea coming into the race. If they beat Arsenal and Man U loses, then the gap between Chelsea and Man U will be just two points. So anything can happen in the EPL.

Flying Termites

Termites are the worst possible creature you would encounter in your house. They spoil all the wooden objects that are available in your house. There are special kinds of termite called ‘winged termite’. As the name suggest, they have the ability to fly. To counter them and the other termites there are several ways which you could follow. All these things are listed in ‘Kill the termites’ site.

Reason for the rain

Atlast i was able to figure out the reason for the unseasonal rain that is lashing the entire state. It is just because of the cricket match which is scheduled to begin on 26th of March between India and South Africa. In Chennai, rain and cricket match go hand-in-hand, it has happened several times in the past few years. Whenever they have planned a cricket match in chennai, definitely rain will wash out the match. This time too, is not an exception.

Personal Loans

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Rain, Rain Go away! Mam U boys want to play!

Ya. It's really horrible here. Rain is continuously pouring without any gap. This means, we will not be able to play football for atleast a couple of days. This is really bad. I thought i could get some match practice as forward before actually getting into the job of goal keeping but rain has played spoil sport. Our football ground, 'Stadium of Lights' has become, 'Swimming pool of Lights' and hence no play is possible. Ground staff are working for quick recovery. Let's hope there is sun shine atleast from tomorrow.

Dating services

Hello friends. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. It can happen to any one at any time. For some of them it can happen naturally but for some it has to be initiated. It will be really difficult for you to judge a person’s character at first sight. It would be better, if you have an opportunity to mingle with them and understand his / her necessities and other things. So for such things, dating is the preferable option. For dating services there are several communities and online chat rooms that are available to find your dream date.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rain drenched match

We have got a new ball, courtesy Ruud. But this time rain started to play its own game in our field. But we decided to challenge the rain and started our play. Vishwa joined Mam U in the later part of the game due to serious difficulties faced by our players. Even I was useless as a forward. I was unable to move my right hand, so i couldn't keep the nets. This, combined with slippery rain started to work against the goal keepers. The ball was not sticking to the hands. Several goals were scored from re-bound. At last the stadium's lights were switched off which signaled an early end for a one sided encounter.

Econnek connectors

Hi guys. This post is about ‘Econnek’. It an online shop, which has multifarious applications. It mainly concentrates on various types of connectors that are available in the market. The field of medicine, aerospace and military equipments is vast and is ever growing; this is a well known fact. Moreover there are new technologies that are introduced day by day which makes the shops to keep up the increasing demands. Some shops are there on the net which do not have enough supplies but boast themselves to be the best online shop ever. But this one is different, entirely different. It has several consumer friendly features which are attracting constant traffic time and again. So you people need not worry about the reputation of the shop. The products that are beings sold in the shop are also highest quality and are well known for their performance on field. They also guarantee lowest prices across the globe.

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Lost ball

Yesterday the match was delayed due to two main reasons one of them is that Mani has lost the football which he took home during the previous game. Moreover it was raining at a steady pace so that also was a cause of concern for many of us. Ruud offered to buy a ball so we had a ray of hope. He went on and bought a new football for just $8 and this paved the way for an all slippery encounter between both the teams. Will tell you about the match on some other day...

Mortgage loans

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My disclosure policy

I started this blog to give the world my experiences in the day-to-day life and also to give some honest opinion on several issues. There are some products which i would have reviewed in the blog. All those product details are obtained from the web site and i believe the datas given in the site. I give my honest review regarding all the products that are reviewed in the site. Some posts i write of my own interest and some others i have written because someone else has asked me to do so. But it is up to you to make the final decision on buying the product. Continue to provide me support so that i can continue my journey in the blogging world.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

iPod skins for you

Hello friends, today having a music player has become so common. There are several varieties of music players that are available in the market but only a few of them are on par with Apple’s iPod. There is no need to tell you about the features of iPod because you all know about it. Now I am here to talk about iPod skins. There are several things to show off; one among them is iPod skins.

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Mam U vs Meanageries

Today we played against a different opponent. they are from the nearby college. They gave us tough competition but we managed to pull of a spectacular win, courtesy a late strike from Ruud. Earlier they were leading 2 - 0. We were short of defenders due to absence of Sounder and myself. But later on Vishwa joined our side and did defending for sometime. We recovered from the early loss and managed to score 4 goals and level the game. Finally tarun tapped in vishwa's cross to net the winner.

Promotional Products.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ICL match

I am currently watching the ICL match between Mumbai champs and Ahemadabad. This heading towards a nail biting finish. Earlier on Ahemadabad had scored 131 runs. Mumbai required 10 runs to win from the last over. They had 6 wickets in their hands. Heath streak came out to bowl the final over. The first and second ball of the last over were sent packing towards the fence. This made the equation much simpler. Mumbai champs won it comfortably with 6 wickets to spare.

A small tragedy

There was a twist in today's match. It is nothing connected with the outcome or goals scored, it is just my hand which got twisted. Now i am single handedly writing this post. I was involved in a collision with accused which left my right hand twisted. I am unable to move my right hand freely. I am out of action (goal keeping) for atleast a couple of week. I may play as center forward in just another couple of days. But still, i will be watching the upcoming matches from the sidelines and report you regularly.

Hotel reservations

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Today's match

Several players turned up today, so it was really a mess to be playing today. I was doing the job of goal keeping but i was not getting the ball and was standing idly for a long a time. I was not focused on the game and was just watching my team mates' performances. So overall it was a dull game for me today. Let me tell you about the events in my next post.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lahore Badshahs smash records

This is the latest from ICL. Lahore Badshahs smashed all the records in ICL match here today against Chandigarh lions. Imran Farhat managed to score 94 runs in just 54 balls to take Lahore to 187 in just 20 overs. Imran Nazir scored 16. Humayun managed to score 48 runs. In reply Lions' openers were sent reeling by Azhar Mehamood. Both the openers were out for duck. Let's wait and watch.

Bad Credit Offers

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Manchester United tops the charts

Yesterday’s match between Manchester united and derby was a close shave for Man U. They managed to won the game 1 – 0. But full credits to Derby for displaying fighting qualities. They would have taken the lead just before halftime but Man U’s goal keeper was at his full stretch to save the goal. Later on the second half Roanldo netted the cross from Rooney. He made it after 5 attempts on target. The scores stood as such till the end of the game.

Arsenal salvaged a draw

Arsenal managed to pull one back to level the scores with Middlesbrough. Glichy became the latest to the listed of players who were stretchered off the field. Toure scored the only goal for Arsenal from Fabregas’ corner kick. Arsenal had most of the possession and ball control but were unable to penetrate through the middlesbrough defense.

Casino site review

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Arsenal trails at half time

Arsenal are trailing Middlesbrough 0 – 1 at the half way point. Arsenal created a lot of chances but never managed to force a save off the opponent goalkeeper. They just kept on passing the ball without any major threat. Middlesbrough went on with a counter attack and managed to score a goal. It was scored by Aliadre. Hope arsenal over comes the set back to win the match.

Footballing lesson

Today's match saw a dramatic twist. We were leading MastersXI by 2 goals, when two others joined the team. Both of them went on rampage and scored goals at their will. At one stage we were trailing by 4 -2. But later on Vishwa and Tarun managed to score 2 goals to level the match. But they scored a couple of goals later on to increase their lead to 6 – 4. At the final five minutes of play tarun struck twice to salvage a draw. The match ended 6 – 6.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hair Transplantation

Hello friends, hair is one of the most beautiful body part! Yes, it is true. Most of us do not care about our hair during the normal time. We look after it only if there is any problem with it. The problem might include minor dandruff to severe hair loss. Hair loss is one of the most important problems which have to be addressed immediately. Otherwise it could lead to adverse effect especially regarding your appearance. So what if the problem has started? You do not worry about that. Here is the solution for that. The simplest possible solution is hair transplant.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cricket Mania

Today we decided to try cricket instead of football. This decision was taken in our college itself. So we decided to play there itself. We formed a team of seven members each (players are from our class only). The pitch was very damp and so we decided to play overarm match instead of the usual bowling match. We won the toss and chose to bat. Our team was captained by Sai. The pitch had uneven bounce early on in the innings. So we struggled to make fast runs. I got out cheaply to a low kept delivery but it was only after giving my team a solid platform to launch from. Puli took charge and he scored runs at his own will. We made 48 runs in 10 overs, with help of some swashbuckling shots from PPK and Puli.
The opponents started in a bad note. They lost two quick wickets of Sullan and Pinch hitter in quick succession. They had only one wicket and had scored only 19 runs of 6 overs. But 'Khani Abhi tho Baakhi Hei'. I came to bowl the decisive spell and gave away 12 runs in a single over to turn the match. They went on to win the match comfortably. I became the 'Man of the Match' for my excellent work with both bat (1 run of 8 balls) and ball (1 0ver 12 runs, 1 wicket).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mam U Vs MastersXI

Today there was an interesting contest between Mam U and MastersXI. Mam U is, of course my team, led by Nathari and MastersXI is led by Vishwa. It has several key players. Vishwa himself is an excellent player who has shot power and good technique at his disposal. Mam U were made to sweat out in the field. Vishwa, China, Shiva combination were making swift moves across the wings they penetrated the Mam U defence at ease. They fired at will and found the net for 7 times in the match. Our strikers lacked some co ordination but with some swift passing and attacking skills, they too kept up the pressure by scoring at regular intervals. This resulted in a deadlock situation. Finally we were able to break the shackles and Ruud delivered the winning goal for Mam U. The match ended 8 - 7 in favor of Mam U. The words of Jose Mourihno will aptly explain MastersXI's agony, "We were the better team throughout the match but unfortunately they have won it."